Emmi Törnroos

Emmi Törnroos

I'm a product designer specialising in human-centered design and designing meaningful experiences for people.

Selected Works

Hilja application
Junction 2023 challenge winner

AI-powered solution providing personalised approach to pain relief, reducing the need for medication

Coming Soon
AI-powered image and video editor
ai powered Image and video editing aPP / Concept design

New concept for an AI-powered image and video editor, scaling creatives across social media channels

Dynamic image and video editor
Image and video editing app / Product design

Dynamic image and video editor with templates that help users scale creative across social media channels

Event management application / Product design

Measuring subjective experience for event participants and generating meaningful insights for event orgnisers

Design system
Design system

The story of building a design system for a legacy product

About Me

I have over eight years experience conceptualizing and designing digital products. I'm especially interested in data-driven design and want to base my design decisions on qualitative and quantitative data.

When I'm not designing, I'm hiking, upcycling or training with my dogs.

Emmi, Yoda the dog, and a chair